Argument not showing up in the Arguments Tab

Hey Guys

Just a quick question, I think I found a bug - but i’m not completely sure.
So, i was passing an argument from one workflow to another into another argument. But I didn’t make the argument by clicking on the arguments tab “create argument”. But by using the shortcut ctrl+m within the import argument window. So now, the argument exists (because i can’t make another one with the same name) but it’s not showing up at the arguments tab. Has anyone experienced this before?


Screens for clarity:

(Yes i’m sure that it’s not the same argument, I specifically made a new one, otherwise it would have thrown an error)

Hey @KDJ

I have not created arguments in that way… So not sure… What I usually do is, I open that workflow and then create the argument and save it. Next, I come to the invoke workflow activity, click on import arguments to get it updated the usual way…

I don’t think using the method that you did, will actually go and update the other xaml file with the arguments…

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Have you found the solution yet? because i’m having the same problem as well and it really bugged me

I had the same issue. I had to close UiPath and reopen it and the argument appeared.

Opening by double clicking on the Main.xaml didnt work for me so I had to open it using project.json.

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