Arguments for Workflow Not Visible


InvokeWorkflowFile has no ‘Import Argument’ button and no Properties concerning arguments. It is therefore not possible to pass arguments between workflows/xamls.


My versions are:
Studio 2023.10.0 Community Edition
UiPath.System.Activities v23.4.5

Downgrading to v22.4.5 did not solve, as had been suggested in this thread.

Thanks for any advice offered.


Ensure you’re using the correct activity by using Invoke Workflow instead of InvokeWorkflowFile to access argument-related options.

plz check once!

Thank you, will check now.

‘Invoke Workflow’ does not exist in my activities. Interestingly, the tooltip indicates that arguments are an option for the InvokeWorkflowFile activity, at least in my version:



Invoke WorkflowFile is the classic version, available in prior to version 2019, while Invoke Workflow File (with space) is the modern version, introduced in Studio version 2019.

check once the versions also!

yes use This activity !

it can import the arguments

Where can I find the ‘Invoke WorkflowFile’ classic activity, please? It doesn’t appear in my version of UiPath Studio with the packages version I specified in my original post.
Thanks so much for the fast responses, much appreciated!

In the project panel
which xaml file you want
you can simply drag and drop in the sequence

And its appear import arguments


what was the version you are using for UiPath.system.Activities

As above, thanks, I’m having to put >20 characters to get this to post, apologies:

Hi @nikolas.hunt

Once try to restart or reinstall UiPath studio

Thanks. Just finished re-installing. No change. Are there any particular options I should select for the install, any particular add-ins? Does the sign-in method make a difference?

When dragging the xaml file, I get these unsuccessful results:

I get this with packages v22.4.5:

I get this with packages v23.4.5:

Properties also do not feature any option to import arguments.


Try to upgrade UiPath.System.Activities package

As shown, I have ran at v23.4.5, the latest version:


Ok @nikolas.hunt

Downgrade the UiPath.System.Activities Package to 23.10.0

Interestingly, the closest I can get is 22.10.1


downgrade to 22.10.1 and try

Nevermind, I’ve realised that pre-releases were filtered out.

Installed 22.10.0-preview and no change.

Another symptom is that xamls are never available for selection and the Open Workflow property gets cleared out when the project is reloaded.


Hi Irtetala. Do you think that the issue that the project is cross-platform compatible?