Application Browser Not Functioning Correctly

I have a problem with my application browser activity and also the click event where it would not select the whole browser window.
When I’m trying to select the browser, instead of getting the whole page, I would get this

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We need to enable the chrome extension first to interact with specific element in chrome browser

Download the latest chrome extension for your chrome browser and then try to indicate from UiPath

Open the UiPath Studio Home page → Click on Tools → Select the UiPath Extensions option → Install the Chrome extension in UiPath Studio

Hope this helps

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  1. Is the chrome extension installed? If not first please install the same from the extensions page on studio home page
  2. How are you trying to indicate the elements?


The extension has already been downloaded.
It is just that when I try to use application browser selection or any click selection, it doesn’t allow me to choose pass the limit of the picture I showed above.

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In use application/browser activity first you nees to indicate the application or the full window

Later in the subsequent activities like click and all you can indicate the element you need


Try to reinstall the chrome extension again and see

Usually with application browser activity we will able to select only the entire window or browser page
Only Ui based activities like click and type into can indicate in specific element

So try once reinstalling the extension and let us know

Cheers @rpa-gmi

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