Append Range is Overwritting

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Is anybody facing a issue with Append Range activity?

I am trying to append range in a excel file without using excel scope because is think the other one is a bit faster … but it is not working … is overwriting …

I can try to find a workaround … just wondering if it is a bug … I am working with the enterprise trial version.


It won’t. Could you please share the steps you followed to do this.

Append Range add the Information at the end of Sheet if it exists. Make sure if usedRange in your sheet is Correct before append

is everything ok … just I am retesting this only workflow … and alone is working ok … probably is another issue …

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Hi Carmen,

Does your data table have the same columns as your excel file?
To get the data table columns use a function called “Clone”

dtClone=[ExcelDatatable].Clone - this will fetch the schema and constraints of your existing data table, excluding your datarows.

One workaround is read the excel file, Once you got the data sets try to merge it using Merge data table activity then just overwrite your excel file.

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yes! Thank you. My problem was actually other thing

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