Append range from top rows

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

My case : I have an excel sheet with data rows + a calculating tool below these.

My goal is to update the data by deleting the previous / adding the new table.

I get to delete the rows, but when I try append range, the new data is added below the tool, that makes it unusable.

Do you know any solution to add rows from the top of the sheet from a table ?

I can’t do it via the insert / delete row activity, because there are approx 200k rows each time.

Hi @RaphCh,
Can you try to use write range and mention start cell instead of use read range activity.


Hello ! As expected, it overwrote range of the tool.

For information, the number of rows to add is never the same, so I can’t keep a range of rows empty and use write range after that (I think this was your idea).

So when I delete the range, I have the shiftcells options activated “entire row”

The solution would be "add X rows, (X being the number of rows in the table to add) then write range.
But the add row activity doesn’t work on this number of rows

Have you tried insert/delete rows activity.

The solution could be getting the total number of rows at the start once you have the value you can use the write range and specify the cell right after the total row count @RaphCh

If this helps please do mark it as solution

Sorry this was the activity I was talking about, and it does not work with large numbers of rows

This is what I was thinking about, but before the write range I have to insert the number of rows corresponding to the new data, or it will overwrite the tool.

It brings us back to the insert / delete row activity that does not work properly with big numbers of rows

Did you try using append range instead of write range with the same logic? @RaphCh

Yes, as I stated in my first message, append range puts the data below the existing rows (the remaining rows of the tool).

I need them to be from the 1st row, and keep the tool below the data.