Remove entire row in excel


How to delete entire row in excel?
I have tried write range to replace with new datatable,
unfortunately there still old rows in the excel sheet eventhough i put the range as A:Z.


Leave the range empty, or like β€œβ€

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The output of excel is same as if i put range as A:Z
Not all cell is replaced, eventhough my datatable contain output that i desired

Hi @mashy2
Can you check the below link

Hi @mashy2

We never faced this type of issue with write range, normally it overwrites existing data. pls kindly check the file path which your using in your code and your checking file after execution are same or not.

give a try with workbook write range activity instead of excel write range

Where to find the activities?
I have install excel activities package but cannot find the insert/delete activities

it’s present in UiPath.Excel.Activities.ExcelInsertDeleteRows
App Intergration >Excel>Processing>Insert/Delete Rows


I have attached my workflow,

The issue is intermittent actually

TempData.xlsx (24.1 KB) Report - Copy - Copy.xaml (36.8 KB)

Why i dont have the feature?



Its because my excel activities is old version :slight_smile:

I have achieve this by using excel delete range activities :slight_smile:

I tested your code its working exactly as you said
if i am writing into some other new file its writing 4 records (un matched) but
whenever i am writing into same input file its appending to existing data.

Can you provide screenshot how your using delete range activities?

My way is quite hardcoded

Thanks @mashy2

your deleting all the records from excel sheet and writing, got it.

I guess here the problem with input excel file only I created new excel file with some data and I gave it to write range then it overwrite the data

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