I have Column as Name in which upto range 100 is filled now i want new data by using row index from range 101 as dynamic how i can use or any other method.

Hi @Ak_4 ,

Do you want to add new row data from 100th row ?

You could try using Append Range Activity and Check if the outcome is the required one.

If that is not the expected Output, Could you provide an Example as to what you are actually trying to perform/retrieve ?

Hello @Ak_4

If you have a datatable and need to append that to an existing data in excel then you can use

Write Datatable to excel

and enable the append property.


I have data upto range which i don’t know so i need to paste another data from after cell of data by using row index

@Ak_4 ,

For retrieving the Last Row index / Next Row Index of the Last Row then we could Peform the below :

  1. Read the Input Excel sheet as a Datatable using Read Range Activity, say DT.

  2. We should be able to get the total rows present in the sheet using DT.Rows.Count.

  3. For Specifying the Range, we could try the below :


The above range should be the start range for the next data to append.

However, some things are still not clear and we would want to ask to provide an Input and would ask to provide what would be the Range/Next Range from that Input.

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