Append the names generated randomly

can anyone tell how to append the data to excel that already contains data in excel sheet.
when i giving empty sheet and run, it is appending the names that generated randomly.
here i have given append range to write but its not working in all containing data but i writing to empty excel sheet. i want to add a data under that particular column.


@vinay01 i am not getting you properly
from what i understood you can specify the specific cell where you want to append the data using write range and it’ll write those values in that specific area keep in mind if you dont specify the range properly it can overwrite the existing data

Here the workflow to download the excel sheet and renaming the sheet name, then adding columns after this login to website. In this it will generate the names randomly i given loop to repeat and it should be written to excel that already having the data in it.

@vinay01 - You can use append datatable activity to append data to existing datatable.

@sandipauti I used but It is appending when i given empty excel sheet but it is not appending to data into sheet containing Data. i used write range also but not writing data also in both new and existing data excel sheet.

@vinay01 - Can attached your file here that will give me better idea.

Generate_Random_Names.xaml (22.5 KB)

@sandipauti Email.xaml (59.6 KB)
This is my workflow Check IT i m unable to append the data to excelsheet