Append to Excel file

Hi Experts,

I am trying to Append Vales to a excel file but not getting it correctly, please can anyone help me out with this.

For Ex:

In Excel col 1 i want to append some string like AAA
in Excel col 2 i want to append some value like 10

I want to Append it one after the other with out overwriting it or deleting the first value.


Hi @vikram.g

I don’t know your use case and according to what conditions you will add these strings, but if you are going to add them continuously inside a workflow I recommend adding them to a dataTable first (this dataTable should matching columns with the one in your excel sheet) and then when you finish adding this data you simply use append range activity and it will take the burden of not overwriting anything.

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Hi reda,

Thanks for your replay,

My UC scenario is that i am fetching few values from a sap system from diff T-Codes and storing the values in to a Excel , boz i need all these values in post validation for comparing. So i need all these values in one excel boz creating different excel for different t-codes i feel is not correct approach boz i am automating more den 35 t-codes.

So i was looking for the best approach to do so.

And here i am getting the value from SAP system using screen scraping method and storing into a excel and when ever i do so the old t-code values is getting deleted and the new t-code value is overwriting in Excel, instant of that i want the new value to append in next line.

It will be helpful if anyone suggest me for these approach.


Try to Use Excel Application scope and in that scope useAppand Range Activity.
AppendToExcel.xaml (6.0 KB)

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