How to add value to excel

My bot is triggered daily…Task to perform is asked in input dialog box and how to write value to excel in daily basis

Use append datatable activity to append the data to the excel

Hi @sathya_auto ,

I believe we do not have the full details of what you want to implement. Could you let us know in a bit more detail as to what you want to perform ?

Every day bot is running at 6pm…every time bot is running everyday task to perform value is to add value in excel.

every time bot is triggered …task to perform value is asked in input dialog which is string type


Use the “Write Cell” activity or “Write Range” activity to write the user input value to an Excel file.

U can try to Append Data to Excel:
To append data to the Excel file, use the “Excel Application Scope” activity. use the “Append Range” activity to append the new data to the Excel file.

If you have a DataTable variable containing the existing data, you can use the “Merge DataTable” activity to merge the new data with the existing data before appending it to the Excel file and later Save the Excel file.

Hi @sathya_auto

Use Write Cell activity to add the data into excel.

I hope it helps!!

Build datatable of two columns give Date and Task to perform as columns
Take two strings

Create an asset in orchestrator for storing task to perform

One for date of type string

Assign TodayDate=Now.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)

Get asset activity to get the task to perform and store in string variable

Use add datarow activity for adding the columns

Append range

Use assets instead of input dialog box pass the input to the asset every day before the bot runs

y we are using asset instead of input dialog when getting input from user


You are triggering the bot to run your automation in unattended mode input dialog box is not the best practice so use assets .

when bot is runned 2nd time it is printing two times



In add data row

Same thing …value is repeating in excel

Thankyou …Vikas_M and rlgandu…it works

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