Any way to update project.json file without pushing new version to Orchestrator?

Hey guys,

We right now have few projects up and running on orchestrator already.

And we are looking to update descriptions for those projects/processes on orchestrator.

one way - manual go to each process on orchestrator , click in 3 dots, update process details but this approach is manual and not permanent as whenever process will be moved, these settings wont remain.

another way - update description in project.json file and push new version of project to orchestrator, now this is how we all do it as it gets tagged with the project wherever it is moved, all the settings stays.

Question - Is there any quicker way to update descriptions without actually pushing latest versions of these projects? Like this limitation for config file can be overcome using config.json file storage in storage bucket in which case no new version push is required whenever config is updated. Is there any such solution that can be leveraged for project.json file as well?


I think these are the two ways. Saw the API catalogue and didn’t see anything for this.

May be you can try at DB level if you can access it. Never tried these though, but technically this is just update the table so it is possible.

Any ideas guys?

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Is there any way project.json can be kept separate from the project folder and referenced?


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keep in mind:
project.json - Description → Process Publishing → nuget Package along with metadata file (… .nuspec) generated during the Publishing process

nuget Explorer: GitHub - NuGetPackageExplorer/NuGetPackageExplorer: Create, update and deploy Nuget Packages with a GUI

so touching the project.json from nuget package would not reflect edited description

Project Json description is different from orchestrator description
And Project Json can’t be separated from the UiPath project as it loads the project dependencies

I would suggest to go from orchestrator api to update description

Cheers @sonaliaggarwal47

Hi @sonaliaggarwal47,

Manipulating within the existing nugget package In Orchestrastor might not be possible when the Package is already in Orchestartor.

JSON file within a UiPath project will not support symbolic links so having it outside the process and referencing a link to project.json will not work. Without the project.json projects cannot open.

Azure DevOps and building the package with your own pack function will work but this is a lot of work doing yourself and this will anyway deploy a new version of the package, which you do not want to have.

The only sure way of doing this is deleting your existing version of the package from Orchestrator and manually editing the description and the project.json package version (to have the same package version as the one you deleted in Orchestrator) before either manually deploy from studio or using other DevOps tools.