Orchestrator libraries updates, how does it work? - Cannot create unknown type

So i have a project for which i updated all the packages in Studio. Then i published the updated project to Orchestrator (Directly from Studio) and upgraded the process. I expected the libraries in Orchestrator to be updated also but they did not update. All libraries have the same old version… So how are libraries updated in Orchestrator? Should this happen when i publish a project with new dependencies that are not yet in Orchestrator?

Hi @Herman_Kruisman

Check this

Ashwin S

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Thanks Ashwin, but this just resets the dependencies to the versions in Orchestrator. How can i push updated libraries to Orchestrator?

Same here. We have the latest on-prem Orchestrator version 2019.4.4 installed, but all the activities in the Orchestrator library is still stuck from a few months ago (i.e. UiPath.System.Activities still at version 19.4.1).

Seems like the only way to update them is through an upload button on the Orchestrator website, but that require manual download of the package file first. Is it possible to have a button to have them auto-updated using official feed (like in Studio)?

is there any update on this? I have the same problem. I need to update Official Packages my Processes depend on manually. (Orchestrator Version: 2019.10.4)

I am using Orchestrator 2019.4.2 on Premises
Please let us know, how to update/add packages (including UiPath packages) in Orchestrator.
Some new projects uses latest packages, which are not listed in the Orchestrator > Libraries list

A possible solution would be to change the settings in Orchestrator-> deployement
Change library feed from Host to Tenand (and Host depending on Orchestrator version)

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