Change Process Description in Orchestrator


When we change the description in project json file, we can update the process description, but it won’t update the description in the orchestrator.

Is there a way to update process description in the orchestrator without creating the process again?

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Yah that’s possible
changing description in Json file doesn’t have any impact in the description of a process in orchestrator
Because we can mention the description in the process tab of orchestrator at the time we create the process and it doesn’t depend on the description in the Json file
Only the process name gets impacted when changed in the project.json file and republished to orchestrator

May be with the job logs of that process will have that updated description we have made in the Json file here in our machine
For that Though we update here in Json we need to publish that package again to orchestrator and then we need to upload that updated version in the orchestrator

Cheers @SudhaRajesh

Thank you for the response Palayniappan!

we don’t have any option to change the process description in the orchestrator. Can you please provide a screenshot?

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Yah buddy
I wonder i why told like that, my mistake we can mention the description but won’t be able to change it after that

Hope this would help you
Cheers @SudhaRajesh

Thank you Palaniyappan!

This might be already in the pipeline, but you could change the category to Ideas for this topic, because it’s one which improves user-friendliness. Or search to see if the idea was already created.

I think, as far as I know right now, you will need to Provision the process again. There is technically a way to edit the sql database of the description, but I think nobody will want you to do that.

Anyone use the Swagger API to edit processes? I feel like it might be there somewhere.

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Dont mind updating the SQL db. Any SQL query you’re aware of to modify this field?


update orchestrator_sql_server.dbo.releases
set description='New description'
where id=process_id

Nice, this is definitely an option. Would prefer API calls if possible. Found how to pull down the processes and update arguments. Any thoughts?

This makes me go back to my SharePoint days… Microsoft had very clearly that making any changes to the database would void your warranty/support, i wonder if UiPath doesnt do the same…

Not sure that would apply here as we are simply changing the values and not the database.

Yes i dont think this would break anything, but in that case MS did state that we could not even connect to the database even to do queries…