Publish the Same Package of Code to Orchestrator with a Different Process Name

So I read that if I change the name of the project in project.json, when I went to publish the code to Orc. it would be a new process and name. However, when I made a copy of the code that I want to publish and changed the name, the name in Orc stayed the same and it was trying to update the version instead of creating a new one. The purpose of this is I want to have a Test version and a Production version in orchestrator that are the basically the same package with a few minor changes.

I’m still not the most experienced with Orchestrator, but couldn’t this be better handled by separate environments via Dev/Stage/Prod Orchestrator instances or even Dev/Stage/Prod Tenants within the same Orchestrator instance? I feel like having a test version and a stable version without utilizing the already existing version control is a recipe for disaster. It’s not so bad with 5-10 processes, but when you’re looking at 50-100 all with a duplicate process for testing it can get cluttered rather quick.

I would assume you would freely update your Development version and test in that environment and then when move to staging/production you would import only stable versions manually.

Hi @jpreziuso.

Where did you change the name?
Is it in the project.json file?


doing an isolation of environments via tenenants is a more clean option and I agree to @mike.vansickle

We had the situation to run without Orchestrators DEV\PROD Process on one machine. For this we used nuget explorer:

Here you can edit Metadata and e.g. injecting different configs. So we published one package and then post edited accordingly. It was working.

Yes I changed the name in project.json

When you are publishing your project locally, does the file name still the same?


The code package folder has a different name but the workflows have the same names. For instance, the name at the top of the studio file (project name) is different for both

Hmmm. Okay.
Try creating a nupkg file of the project and upload it to Orch


Do you have a brief description on how to do that? I am unaware of the process

To create a nupkg file of the project:

  1. Click Publish
  2. Select Custom
  3. Choose a folder where you want the file to be placed.
    To upload the file in Orchestrator:
  4. Go to Processes.
  5. In the top part bar, you will see Packages. Click it.
  6. Upload the nupkg file.
  7. Go back to Processes.
  8. Add a Process and choose the process you just uploaded.


The steps you mentioned for that we have to
disconnect studio instance from Orchestrator… Right?

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