How to update process description in uipath orchestrator using uipath swagger api?

I need to update the process description in uipath swagger so that it gets reflected in orchestrator. Could someone help me on that?

Hi @vamsikrish28

Check this

Ashwin S

@Palaniyappan could you please help me on this?

I m not sure like how far this can be done as the Package in orchestrator has following methods like GET(get the process, get the version of the process), DELETE(delete the package), POST(upload the package)

Cheers @vamsikrish28

Hi @vamsikrish28

If you can do an action in your browser, then you can simply inspect the Network traffic while you do the action in browser.
Look for XHR requests.

With that, you can simply take the API call your browser will make to update the process description and adapt it to your purpose :slight_smile:

It is the fastest way to grab necessary input parameters.