Any way to modify the dialog box title when using the Select File Activity?

I want the user to browse for a file.

If you use Select File, the user sees a nice dialog box for browsing to a file, but you can’t modify the dialog box title to tell the user what kind of file you want them to find. For example, I’d like the Select File dialog box title to be “Please locate the blah file…” How is the user supposed to know what file you want them to find?

If you use the Input Dialog activity, you can control the dialog box title, but the user input can only be a text box or drop down.

The only solutions I can find for this issue are:

  1. Bring up a message box and the Select File at the same time.
  2. Use the Custom Input activity and try to do the whole thing through an HTML form.
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Can you try to use OpenFileDialog class or UiPath.Form activity?




Hey @tsverthoff

So there is an activity called as Tooltip which we can use to show a message on screen for a certain period of time maybe you can use before Select File Activity to let user know what file he/she has to select.

And it automatically disappears after that x time so user doesn’t have to click on OK or anything as such.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you Yoichi and Parth. I appreciate it.