C# Custome Activity

Hello All ,

has anyone created any custom activtiy in C# which lets us select Input file using “Dialog Box” ?

I need to understand how we can achieve this through Code in C#.

Like When we select Excel file a dialog box is opened to select. I need similar thing


That is OpenFileDialog, you need to include System.IO and then go with that option.

Check this link for more details on that class


Thanks, But how to add that Button ?
and how to make sure Open Dialog is fired when I click the Button


It depends on how you want to show the Open File Dialog window, whats your plan and when you want to show this dialog window.

I want to show this Dialog Box when I am trying to select a file to work on.

I am sure you know Excel Application Scope. You have to select a excel file, it opens a dialog to select it.

Same thing


You can have that button and text box in your custom activity,

Check this component, add it to your visual studio templates and try with that. It will help you to design your component in better way.

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Not Exactly What I want, but nice alternative.


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That package does not include what I seek !