The ability to change "header title" of File Explorer when using Select File Acitivity

Hello Team,

I need to select several files in my workflow, and I would love to let the user know what type of file I need them to select - and to be able to change it accordingly to what file they need to select.

I’m using the Select File activity, and therefore, I wonder if it’s possible to change the title of the File Select “file explorer”?. I’m talking about this part:
UiPath - Title of pathfinder

Is this a possibility? Or is it possible to display a message while the user selects the file? I’m having issues with using the tooltip activity, as I need to state the selector as the Select File window.

I don’t want to just display a message box, as the user will not be able to see it displayed while doing the actual selection.

I hope someone can help, by letting me know if it’s possible or not. :slight_smile:

Best regards
// Laurits SV

Hi @Laurits,
It’s not possible to change this window title as it comes from Windows GUI (not related to Studio). Maybe if you would know where this window is described in registry you could do this, but it would work only on your computer. So let’s stay that it’s not possible :slight_smile:


Okay, that makes sense!

Thank you very much for your time - I wish you happy holidays! :smiley:

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Thank you! Happy Holidays for you too :slight_smile:

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