Form File/Folder Activity Bug and Requirement

I’m using Uipath Form Activity 1.1.1. There is a bug of this activity. When I click the Select Button, it shows the file select dialog. Till now it is fine. The bug is when I click many times before the file select dialog show, there will be actual as many times as I click. I only want to show the dialog once. It should be disable the click message after the first click, and enable the click message until the select dialog close.


  1. The i18n is wanted for the Form Activitys.
  2. The conditional feature is too simple. Is it possible to change the properties of the control, not only the display property. And is it possible to add same more options not only equal bug not equal, start with, end with ,etc.
  3. is it possible that the file select dialog can config the file ext filter.

Thanks for reading.

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