Announcement for the deprecation of support for MongoDB's Security-Related Issues in Automation Suite Versions 22.4 and 22.10 for Apps

Dear Community,

We are writing this post to inform you about an important change regarding MongoDB Security upgrades support for our Apps on Automation Suite version 22.4 and 22.10.

In response to customer feedback, and in our commitment towards continuous improvement, we announced a transition from MongoDB to SQL in 2023.4.0. This shift reduces operational effort for installation, maintenance, and future Automation Suite upgrades for Apps.

This change brings several benefits, but also means that from June 2023 onward, MongoDB security updates will no longer be available for Cumulative Updates in Automation Suite versions 22.4 or 22.10. As a part of our customer commitment, we will continue to provide bug fixes for core features available in these versions.

To maintain a safe security posture for apps in your Automation Suite deployment, we recommend that customers on older versions upgrade to Automation Suite version 23.10 at their earliest convenience to take advantage of all active security fixes and to continue receiving security updates in the future.
There are several benefits of upgrading the AS version to 23.10 which are:

Support for VB Expressions
Apps in Folders
Editable grid control
Input Validations
Support for query builder
• Accessibility fixes(Apps designer) - ADA Compliance for Apps
• Security fixes
• Allow admins to grant or revoke Read/Write resource-action access for users of an org.

For guidance on how to proceed with the upgrade, please follow our upgrade guide. Upgrade Now.

We understand the importance of this transition and are here to support you throughout the upgrade process. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team.

Thank you,
Harit Shukla