Upgrading uipath From 2018.4.2

Hello friends

I am working at a firm whereabouts we currently have this setup:

1 licensed unattended robot

2 licensed attended robot

We are looking to upgrade our UiPath program From 2018.4.2 to newest stable version.

We do NOT have support for this upgrade - so we (developers) have to do it ourselves.

I am looking for as many tips and helpful links as possible for this upgrade. :slight_smile:

We are unsure about following things:

Can we upgrade or do we do a clean install?

Do we have to backup anything?

What do we need to setup after upgrade/install?

What happens to Orchestrator doing this upgrade? (Currently newest Orchestrator version)

What about all of our robots which is developed in Old version? Will they run without any modification?

Thanks a lot in advance

Good evening


Read about it here: About Updating and Migrating


You can upgrade in place. If you are hosted in Azure PaaS, there are some things you need to be aware of however.


Were you able to complete up-gradation successfully? if you have any documentation can you please share it?

I’ve not updated to 2020.4 yet. The architecture is completely different as are the required runtime stack and platform. We are deployed to Azure app services. There just isn’t good supporting documentation for that. I am submitting “suggested edits” as I come across information that I think is important but not mentioned in documentation. I’ve also provided this feedback in the 2020.4 LTS release thread.

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