Upgrading uipath From 2018.4.2

Hello friends

I am working at a firm whereabouts we currently have this setup:

1 licensed unattended robot

2 licensed attended robot

We are looking to upgrade our UiPath program From 2018.4.2 to newest stable version.

We do NOT have support for this upgrade - so we (developers) have to do it ourselves.

I am looking for as many tips and helpful links as possible for this upgrade. :slight_smile:

We are unsure about following things:

Can we upgrade or do we do a clean install?

Do we have to backup anything?

What do we need to setup after upgrade/install?

What happens to Orchestrator doing this upgrade? (Currently newest Orchestrator version)

What about all of our robots which is developed in Old version? Will they run without any modification?

Thanks a lot in advance

Good evening


Read about it here: https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/about-updating-and-migrating


You can upgrade in place. If you are hosted in Azure PaaS, there are some things you need to be aware of however.