Anchor Base Selectors not working for pdf

Hi Team. Please find the pdf below (88.9 KB)
In this PDF there are certain fields like Date, Invoice etc at RHS. I am trying to fetch date using anchor base and displaying it using message box but it gives me invoice# in the result. Please find the selector which I am using in anchor base(Find Element)

Please find the selector which I am using

out_argument.xaml (5.0 KB)
@Vikas1681 Hi,
I’ve used regex to extract date instead of selectors. Hope this helps

Thanks Shibani this worked. Can you please share some links/documents on using regex for selectors.

@Vikas1681 Since you are working with pdfs, I would suggest u to read the pdf and use regex to extract the desired data, like how i’ve done in the workflow above. You can use website to build your regex.
Also refer
#FeatureBlog - 19.10 - Using regular expression (Regex) in the selector attributes

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Thanks Shibani. These links were very helpful.