Getting issue in Anchor based activity

Hi, I am facing an issue, I have captured the right element in the Find Element and in right side captured which I need. I’m capturing the field on a popup window. But it’s giving me the data of the main page.
It’s not working, sometimes it’s giving me expected data sometimes not. Now it’s giving me the data of first page which is behind the popup window.

can u post the screenshot

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Please see the screenshot. If you see here I have 4 fields but these are not constant and it can be more or less and this is popup screen message if you see it clear. I am capturing the in find element is DOB and in get text in Date but here anchor is not working. It’s giving me the Yellow Dark color highlighted value which is bold.
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Use Attach Browser activity and indicate this pop up window. Inside that use Anchor Base activity and all.


Can you please post the selector as well?


Hi, I am using all these activities inside Attach Browser only. But it’s not working. Attach Browser will indicating on complete screen not this particular screen.

which particular element selectors you want.

For both the activities in the Anchor scope

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Here is a Find Element Selectors. I modified this.

I am attaching the snapshot, Here directly selectors are not display on the post. Get Text Selectors we can’t see because it;s a behavior of Anchor Base Activity.

Open UiExplorer.
Indicate the element and then
Indicate the Anchor.

This gives the entire selector-

If you observe _2 is changing. Because sometime it’s in 2nd row sometimes in 3rd row. SO it’s not constant.

Click on the selector associated with the line 2 in selector editor and add additional properties, replace 2 with .
Click on the selector associated with the line 4, replace 2 with , aaname & innertext with '-
-*'. Add additional properties parentid

replace 2 with what *??

I already done this with both if the line but if you see it’s changing dynamically like sometime DOB is 2nd line and sometime on 3rd line. It’s not working.