An error has ocurred while configuring the IIS - How To


An error has ocurred while configuring the IIS

T roubleshooting steps

Approach 1 :

Please make sure to fulfill the software requirements and prerequisites for installation.

Attaching below links for reference

Ignore the steps related to executing the InstallRolesAndFeatures.ps1 power-shell script.

Instead of executing through PowerShell scripts, you can configure it manually using the steps in below link:

Server Roles and Features ( Important )
Unable to find Server Role & Features : Windows 7 & Windows 10 OS : - How To (Windows 7 & Windows 10 - Server roles & Features)

Check all the pre-requisites especially URL Rewrite, Necessary Server Roles, Log on as a batch job right for Application Pool user.

Ensure you have installed URL Rewrite too.

Make sure all the below Installed.

  • IIS 7.5 and above

After verifying the above , please follow up installation steps using MSI from the below link :

Approach 2:
If the pre-requisites are met, please try the below steps

  1. Applied the Application pool custom account with domain\username along with a newly created certificate.

    Make sure the UserName is domain\username, not the one shown in the screenshot.

For Example the username will be “laptop-hgv7o6n\pranaya sahu”
Now try installing, if still, it fails with error configuring IIS.

  1. Deleted all the pre-existing self-signed certificate in the system & removed it from Personal & Trusted Root certification folder.
  2. Created one more certificate self-signed certificate & reinstall again.


I am also getting the same error "An error has ocurred while configuring the IIS ".

All the pre-req are met still issue is not resolved for me. Can you please help me in that.

Thanks in advance!


Make sure you have enabled all roles & features. If enabled , Take screenshot of each & please raise a technical support case.