Geeting error while installing Orchestrator


When trying to install orchestrator, its got terminated saying that “An error occured while configuring the IIS”. I installed the same yesterday, due to some change i have to uninstll and re-install the same. From then only , I am getting this error.

Can Anyone help?

Have you installed IIS write module and all pre requisites?

It was working yesterday. Today I have re-installed the same . Then I am getting this error…

is it possible to share error screenshot?

its just a message “An error occured while configuring the IIS”.

unable to share the screen shot. Getting an error while trying to upload

Are you going with Powershell script for installation or Manually?

Hope below link provides more details.

Thank a lot. Its fixed now

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May I know what action was taken to fix issue. Just for Knowledge purpose:-)

I had gone through the steps u provided. I didn’t installed all the components of iis. After installing all those, I have restarted and tried the installathion once again. Then the installation was success.

But now the website is not loading.

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Thank you.