IIS Problem Configuration during the installation of Uipath orchestrator


After preparing all the requierment to install the Uipath Orchestrator, I start to their installed but unfortunality an error mesg is displayed during this installation which indicates “an error occurred while configuring IIS”

The screen shot attached.

Note that I followed all the instructions necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the installation

Please I need to your support and help to resolved the problem.

Best regards.


Any news please.

Hi @Youssef_HAKIM,
If you’re on enterprise license please contact with our Technical Support.

Hello Pablito,

I already contacted the technical support for more than 5 hours, and until now I have not had any feedback from them.

you can check please.

Have you checked if all the server roles and features are installed?

Rammohan B.

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Hello Rammohan,

I already execute the powerShell script (attached) without success, the same problem persists.


Please be patient :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure our technical support will contact with you soon.


The problem is soved.

Thank you for your support

We are happy that we can help.
Could you share with us what was the solution? It might help the others facing same issue in the future :slight_smile:

The problem is the cause of the SSL certificate added and used with the IIS Server,

So to resolve the problem, i try to create an new certificate with the name “localhost” on the IIS server, and after i’m try to reinstalled the orchestrator with success :slight_smile:

but now when we try to identify on my orchestrator server, I found a problem of identification, I already tested with all the accounts that I had without success, :frowning:

you can help me please

Hmmm this looks like proxy problem or something. If your orchestrator is a part of same domain you could try to add it’s address to hosts file so it will direct to ip of the server.

You can more explain me, because I do not understand well.

In my plateform, I’m not used the proxy

Oh I’m sorry… I was thinking about two different things at same time. You have your own installation so proxy is not the case :smiley:

Please check if here is something what can help you:


I proceed to applicate all the instructions without success , the problem persiste.

any new please

If those not helped you I think you should rise a ticket for Technical Support. Seems that something is wrong with authentication but I’m not sure where.

Hello Pablito,

I contacted the technical support and they are answering me and the problem has been solved successfully.

Many Thanks :slight_smile: .

Best regards.


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