Assignment 1 Level 3 0/100 Score (although everything seems correct)

I am getting a score of 0/100 on assignment 1 of Level 3 (Security Hash), but I don’t know what is wrong because on ACME System is displayed that all of the items are correct, I have compared the hash done manually and it is the same as the robot, I did not reset its data when I submit the assignment and also my account uses the same email as requested.

Could someone please help me out?

Please find my project below:

(file moderated)

This is what show to me on ACME System:

Hi @barbaralahr,
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Please don’t share whole project for Level 3. This is advanced level.

Based on your screen seems that Assignment 1 you have done perfect. Your score 0/100 is regarding Assignment 2. Please check correctly your progress on Academy Level 3 Training.

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Hi @Pablito, I apologize for that.

Well, my progress is still on Assignment 1 as you can see below:

This kind of issue usually occurs when Work Items for Acme website were reset before submitted project was checked in Academy. Have you maybe done reset for the work items?

I haven’t done the reset, it is the same as the screenshot above.
I have read several topics here and tried most of the things and it didn’t work.
I feel that there must be something really silly inside my workflow, I don’t know

have you deleted the space between first name and the last name in the type into activity ?

Hi communtiy,

I would like to know why I am getting 20/100 (Level3 Assignment2), if the workflow is running properly before submitting to evaluation?

I am getting the following instructor comment: Total Items: 20 Completed Items: 4 Correct Items: 4


Do one thing. Reset ACME data and run the BOT once again. Once it completed then upload that workflow into academy site for evaluation.

@lakshman, I had to run the perfomer workflow to get all transaction items from the orchestrator queue. Thank you :slight_smile:

For anyone that has the same problem, I would suggest do the following:

  1. Reset test data

  2. Clear the orchestrator queue, and create again with the same name

  3. Run the dispatcher to place the items into the queue

  4. Run the perfomer until all get transaction items have been performed

  5. Zip the file with both Dispatcher and Performer workflows

  6. Submit your project into academy

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