Advanced Training - Assignment 1 - Submission Feedback - Failed Many time - email id error

The thing is my workflow is working fine, I logins through ACME with the same id that I used for UiPath Academy, it filters data successfully, creates hash codes successfully from user details(no spaces), updates the status well with hash code also.
Even after that I am getting 0/100 every time (I uploaded 4 times).
The error they are flashing is in the attachment.
and yes, I did not reset my data after submission.


Please help me if someone can !!!

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You screenshot doesn’t seems to have been attached properly. Can you reattach the error screenshot.

Rammohan B.

Here it is!!!

I’m having the same problem…everything is working on my computer…and I’ve got 0/100 and the comment was: Total Items: 17 Completed Items: 17 Correct Items: 0
I’m certain that my hash formula is ok.

Have you resolved the issue? @sbaran97

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I just passed the assignment with 100/100. The issue was that I had some unnecessary empty spaces within my Hash formula… after I fixed that, I started the process once again with refreshed work items and after that resubmitted.

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