Alerts are not generating and showing in the Cloud Orchestrator

Hi @ovi ,

My Orchestrator not generating alerts. I’m using Automation Cloud Enterprise trial and following things are configured

  1. all alerts subscribed and relevant permission also there,
  2. for BOT used robot role and for users added all roles (admin) for testing

Still alerts are not showing in the Orchestrator Alert page. SMTP configuration done and Test mail also delivered

@loginerror Please suggest a solution

Hi @SamanGuruge

Any chance the issue has been resolved?

If not, could you please share your account and tenant name as well as your Support ID (both can be found in the Admin section of your Automation Cloud account).

Any extra screenshots of the issue are always appreciated as well.

this issue was resolved by raising ticket and getting session with UiPath support team.

Solution was to add alert permission user level and not in the Group level.


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