Alert message when robot disconnected from Orchestrator

Hi all,
Is there any way to send an SMS message when my robot got disconnected from the Orchestrator where the robot is in a remote machine?

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There is two options here

  1. Either we can directly get the alert from orchestrator through mail
    Pls check below docs on alert options available
    Choose the one you require
  1. Or if you other bot configured in a separate machine then you can use that bot to check whether the robot you are looking for is connected or not
    Though orchestrator api
    For referral

And for api

Once you get the response from api we can use the same robot to send sms via twilio activity package
For using twilio activity here you go

Hope this would help you resolve the
Cheers @dilii

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It’s a nice usecase we can say, but as of now I can give you some idea like using webhooks and Twilio integration maybe helps you get the alerts


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Go to
→ Orchestratot->Tenent->Settings (Uncheck default credentials)-click test mail Setting
For SMTP Password generation
go to Setting Up Email Alerts.



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I tried this one. Thanks. But searching for a method to send SMS.

alternatively, you can have a email notification from orchestrator in a specific folder and then have sms alert for all those email notifications?

that can be done in multiple ways, you csn find many.

Below link might give you an idea

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Thank you for the solution. Tired it. but no luck


Can anyone tell me how to enable and disable alert notifications for specific group mail IDs in the orchestrator?