Orchestrator Alerts and notifications

Hello everyone,

I am recently configuring my first Orchestrator and I would like to know if there is a way to receive notifications or alerts to when my Orchestrator fails, lets say server is offline or for some reason it fails to execute schedules or jobs while I am not connected. I know that there are alerts if some robot is offline but I want a specific notification for when the Orchestrator is the one with the problem.

thank you for your help.


There are multiple ways of sending/receiving alerts, such as email alerts, webhooks, and finally the web API.

While there is - at least to my knowledge - no way that Orchestrator proactively informs you of any issue (which can’t work in any case, imagine your web server being shut down, the server running out of disk space), you can make use of the API.

For example, a simple GET request retrieving tenant information would already expose that Orchestrator is running and that your tenant is available. If there is no response, Orchestrator is down - and any other response than 200 would allow you to assume that there is an issue - either the tenant is no longer available, or something else went wrong.

What you are probably looking for is a monitoring tool that utilizes REST - something like this.


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