AI Fabric Robot

Hi All,

I am first time creating AI Fabric robot on orchestrator and not sure how to go on it ,execute it.

I Simply create standard machine and in type looking for AI robot but its not shows fabric option.

Please share me all the step line by line how to create it and execute ML package.

Hi @Kaushal_Maru1

You can check out academy course on aifabric regarding the enbling the ai fabric

Apart from that u can try on YouTube channel

One link for this is

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Hi Nived,

Thanks for quick reply,but this vedio is not usefull for use.We already creted attaended /unattended robot. Now we need to activate our Ai fabric robot please need step for that.ML package creation steps we all know. Just how to activate AI robot that is Important.

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Hi @Kaushal_Maru1

U can try this one

Or u can ask @nisargkadam23 , @Lahiru.Fernando regarding ai fabric doubts


Nived N :robot:

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Hey @Kaushal_Maru1 ,
I am also now a days working on it. Yeah it will not show that. It will use the same robots that you are using with UIPATH RPA workflows.
Before mentioning steps, I will recommend to go through their AI FABRICS overview documentation. It already have that.
Still if you are finding nay issue. Do let me know.

Hi @Kaushal_Maru1 AI Robot is used to leverage AI Fabric. For that you do not have to connect AI Robot with Orchestrator. It is automatically connected. All you need to do is connect your local machine with orchestrator to run the BOT with Attended or unattended Robot.

For the reference of how to enable AI Fabric you can refer this video: How to Enable AI Center in UiPath ? | How to Enable Enterprise Trial UiPath | Error resolution - YouTube

If you still have any doubts do let me know we’ll work on it further.
Happy Automation!


HI @Kaushal_Maru1

I guess the guys already gave you all the required info… Feel free to write to any of us if you have any further doubts or issues… Happy to help any time :slight_smile:

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Hi All,

I go through all but the package which i create using ML is not reflecting on ML Skills tab .That may be the issue. Please suggest.