AI Fabric Vision

AI Fabric will allow you to deploy and manage AI Skills then drag and drop them right into your RPA workflow via UiPath Studio.
Build and deploy machine learning (ML) models and other AI Skills within the UiPath Platform as easily as you build and deploy your Robots.
AI Fabric will connect seamlessly with UiPath Studio and Orchestrator to create a unified RPA and AI experience, delivering end-to-end AI/ML skill deployment and management within the UiPath Platform.

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Incredibly excited for this! The partnership announcement with Google is also huge. For anybody interested, you can register for the Webinar on April 18th 10 am EST, in which they will cover the upcoming AI strategy for UI Path. Link for registration is in @sandeep13 post above


Would love to explore the opportunities to develop custom ML models and deploy onto the RPA solution. Thanks for the information @sandeep13 I hope we get more insights into it


Is there a estimated launch date for AI Fabric?

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Hello @James_Taylor
Expected launch in Q3 .date is not fixed as per my knowledge


Is there any estimated launch date? :smiley:

expected lanunc in Q1 2020 .date is not fixed as per my knowledge