Unable to see ML SKills in ML Activity

Hi All.

I am not able to see ML SKill deployed in Orchestrator in UiPath Studio (ML Activity).

My Machine is connected with the same Orchestrator where ML Skill is deployed however when i try to find it under ML Activity it shows “Unable to Load, Retry”.

Clicking on Retry gives me “GetWebSettings failed, reason: statusCode: Unauthorized” error.

Please can someone help me

Could you double check that your assistant is properly connected to your Orchestrator account: https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/connecting-robots-to-orchestrator#manually-connecting-robots. You need to provide cloud account url with /accountname/tenantname now despite the fact that the robot may appear connected even if you are not providing them, these parameters are needed for AI Fabric.

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Thanks a ton Jeremy.

I am able to see ML Skills now in Studio.

I was using Orchestrator URL without Tenant name

Thanks Again !


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