Can't see ML Package option in AI Fabric

can anyone please tell me why I’m not getting the option to create ML Skill.

Really appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Hi @Maryum_Siddique,

Please find the solution.If you have any issues let me know :smiley:.

Omkar P

Thank you for replying. :slight_smile:
I can’t even see ML Package option. This is my orchestrator

and this is how it should look.

I’m not seeing ML Package and ML logs option as well.

you must have enterprise license, if community edttion will not show menu.

I have enterprise license.

Hi here,
This is on our side. We are currently working on this incident and will have if fix soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi again,

The issue is now fixed and was due to our new release deployment.

AIF now moved to an independant experience see new steps to access it below:

When you navigate to the Automation Cloud Portal, instead of navigating to Orchestrator, you now navigate to the AI Fabric app via the left-hand navigation.

Please be sure to you have a tenant selected that has AI Fabric enabled. You can check which tenant you are on by clicking on your profile button on the top left hand corner, and select the appropriate tenant.

If you have AI Robot licenses but you do not yet have AI Fabric enabled on a tenant, you can do so by navigating to Admin > Services > Edit Service (represented by the pencil icon) > Other Services, and from there you can enable AI Fabric and add licenses. This experience will change soon to become more intuitive.

You can also have a look at:

Official communication is coming soon.



Hi Jeremy,
I have the same issue but on AI fabric cloud portal. I can not see the ML logs option after ML skills tab. Also My ML skills deployment is failing every time. Can you please help me on this. I am using sentiment analysis model.



Hi Sunil
To see ML Logs you need to have this permission. Go to Orchestrator and make sure that you have ML Logs permissions assigned to you.

Thanks Jeremy,

I am unable to edit the role permissions in Orchestrator. I am the admin of tenant. Please find the screenshot below and suggest me. Also I have problem in deploying ML skill to Orchestrator , it is taking long time and failing.


You need to create another role with ML Logs permissions and assign this new role to you again. Are your deployments still failing?

Hi Jeremy,
Thanks for the info, I can see ML logs and deployed the ML skill onto Orchestrator. However in studio, ML skill activity is unable to load though it is connected to Orchestrator. It is giving below error.
Error: UiPath.MLServices.BaseException: GetWebSettings failed, reason: statusCode: Unauthorized
Please let me know if I miss something…

Resolved. Need to provide complete URL(account & tenant name) of cloud portal in UiPath Robot Orchestrator settings.

@Sunil_RPA please refer to this AIFabric_Demo - Help / AI Center - UiPath Community Forum

solution has been provided. Just thought to let you know.