Not working activity like Type Into, Send Hotkey, Click while processing Unattended Bot locked screen

While working with attended bot activity like Type Into, Send Hotkey, Click are working successfully
but in Unattended Bot locked screen these activity is not working.

Please suggest me any solution in case of Unattended bot.

Kindly enable simulate click in click activity property panel
And in type into activity enable simulate type property
And in send hot key enable send window message property

It would work for sure as these will enable the bot to run the process even in background

Cheers @Pradeep4


i have already used these simulatetype and sendwindowmessage but some where it is working and some where it is not working.

Usually we will enabling only one option either simulate or sendwindowmessage
May I know where it is getting failed
Because it won’t mostly
Or you feel like not reliable with click we can use SEND HOT KEYS activity which will not fail if the keys and no of times the key passed is perfect

Cheers @Pradeep4


facing this issue.

Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions

This occurs when a user is connected with RDP to the Robot machine and the RDP disconnects at some point. We recommend to sign off all the users from the Robot machines before executing a job.

Note: If a RDP connection is started on the robot machine and this machine lose internet connection (even for few seconds), the robot will throw “Desktop has been disconnected…”

Are we using any rdp or Citrix window
If so make sure of these notes
Cheers @Pradeep4

This is working fine if the screen is visible but in case of lock the screen it throwing this error.

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Session I hope you mean the RDP
If so make sure that the screen of that is set to full screen
Like we can use MAXIMIZE WINDOW activity as a first activity once after getting into the RDP session
So that whatever activity performed after that with all those properties enabled will work for sure

Cheers @Pradeep4


May i know what you are performing with this Send hot key Activity ? You can use Type Into or Set Text Activity also to do this.

Your reply give me some hint to solve my problem. Thank you!


Cheers @boris4888

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