Send hot key not work when screen locked

When my screen locked after insert few records hot key not working.In hot key I used Tab.
I used different approach for this
1.Used hot key for tab with click send error message.if any one reply me use simulate click.FYI there is no simulate click in hot key.
2.Used Type into with and add tab send window message
But not work.
I execute BOT for 8 hours with screen locked its execute successfully.But when I used Tab in hot key then it not able to work.
Can any one suggest there is any way we use tab.
I stuck in this issue from last two month but did not got solutions.

Hi @Aditya10989,
What is the reason why you need to perform any action on locked screen? You need to know that only background tasks can be done in such situation.

firstly thanks for reply.As I a, processing a Huge file and it has near about 15k records .,which is taking nearly 18- 20 hours.So while processing this much huge amount of data ,its possible the screen may get locked in between .

I observed today that I am not only facing this issue when my Vmware gets locked but also when i just minimised the vmware screen and was no my local system.

Error, is send Hotkey timeout error .

I more point ,I have already enables send window message.

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I’m not 100% sure but it might be because of the fact that this machine runs on VMWare. When screen is locked some VMWare services might prevent this machine from any access different than what is provided by hypervisor. Instead of this you could try work with Native RDP Automation:

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Thanks actually my application work fine only stuck into send hot key with TAB and in send hot key there is no option to enable simulate click.there is any other way to click tab with simulate click.may be my application will executed successfully.

Sir one more thing As mention in attachment my application running in chrome while in between if I open another think eg if I open notepad as mention in attachment then Send hot key with TAB not work and when I minimized notepad then it start working file.

The solution is to use attributes which allows you to send hot key in background. Please is such case check the documentation:

SendWindowMessages - If this check box is selected, the hotkey is executed by sending a specific message to the target application. This input method is faster and works in the background. By default, this check box is not selected. If the check box is not selected, the default method performs the click by using the hardware driver. The default method is slower, it cannot work in the background, but is compatible with all desktop apps.

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yes when I unchecked sendwindowmessage it work fine but not worked in background.After complete some records I faced same issue.But this issue I faced same issue in attended or unattended BOT…?

Well, generally SendWindowsMessages is a dedicated attribute for background processing. It should work in both Attended and Unattended automation.

I working on VMware(remote) its working fine but when I minimised VMware then in this case not work.

I think in that case you should consider native RDP automation:

When the automation on remote desktop fails when a remote desktop window is minimised or the computer enters sleep mode, this is likely to be an indication that GUI is no longer available on a remote desktop (common when it is not in use). This is the same issue that is faced by people using test automation. Since the tab key is a native event, it assumes that GUI is available, for you to switch between elements, this is likely to be the cause of a failure.

Try the below please.
This should disable this functionality (and I would suggest that should be a default option for many of us).
The second link will explain how you can ‘terminate’ the remote session with no impact on the actual windows instance also.

[Running Tests in Minimized Remote Desktop Windows | TestComplete Documentation]
(Running Tests in Minimized Remote Desktop Windows | TestComplete Documentation)

An alternative source with an option to terminate/disconnect from a remote desktop in a gentle way.
Working with Minimised and Closed Remote Desktop Connections - Sahi Pro