Activitys not working as expected when screen is of in production or dev for SAP process

Activity like type into and click image is not working in sap when VM screen is of
and giving errors like selectors not found and i have updated selectors
but it is working fine when screen is on in VM
Note: Using Attended bot with Task Scheduler

Please Help ! ASAP


Attended BOT won’t work when VM screen is Off. That is the functionality of Attended BOT. Make sure VM screen didn’t lock when bot is running.

Ìts is not locked,
i just minimise the VM screen and activities start giving errors


Please go through below post and make that changes.

I have tried this,but it is not working


Check SimulateType or SendWindowMessage in properties for those two activities and see

Done that also :tired_face:

Hi @Mohammed_Yusuf,

Which type of license model are you using.

Because with community edition when the VM is locked the selector will fail and the automation is not possible

I have Bought the license for production
it is not community edition

Hi @Mohammed_Yusuf,

I think unattended license has the feature to work in locked mode when the VM is off, @loginerror can put more light on this.

I think unattended license has the feature which can be enabled for working of bot in a locked mode.

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Hi @Mohammed_Yusuf

Could you check this docs article:

It should resolve the issue for the process stopping while minimized :slight_smile:

I have already done this and still it is not working

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