Advice for using one robot or multiple robots for this situation

It will be long post, so I will be very grateful if you decide to read and answer what is your opinion.

When my robot need to post document there is a list in navision with documents.
He is open them one by one.
But the strange part is that, I must set filter for customer.
Every single customer have login in other system(not navision) and there is a list for his documents.
Then the robot start comparing each documents for value, currency code and qty.
If everything it’s OK - document is posted.
Otherwise - he skipped the document.

Now here is the question.
Lets say they are something like 40-50 different customers.
Is it good idea to create for each customer different robot to post document only for his documents.

The other idea is to create one robot, who need to to log-off each account from the other system and there I need to create a loop for the assets from orchestrator?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Your requirement is a bit unclear. Are there many customers dealing with the same application where different logic needs to be implemented? Then yes, you can use the REF with a transaction model/queues.

If it deals with different applications altogether then you might need to create separate processes altogether (this will also require multiple virtual machines where you might have to run the different processes altogether)

Hi @Raghavendraprasad,

All of the customers use the same our application(different from navision).
Also can you explain a little bit more about this " REF with a transaction model/queues."

REF is RE Framework which has built in template structure for you to use Orchestrator queues, exception handling, retries and other bells and whistles.

Instead of you building it yourself just use the template :slight_smile:

Use more bots only when you have large number of data to process , else single bot is enough

Thanks for the answer and open my eyes about that.

Hello @Shanmukh08,
Thanks for the answer, not sure what is large number of data.
Because I must copy Document No from Navision and paste this Document No in the other software(different from navision)
and compare 2 values are they the same in Navision and the other software.
If they are the same - post document. Otherwise - No posting.
It’s something like 50+ per day.

I think a generic statement like large data should not be assumed (just saying) a proper business analysis should be done for the process capacity and discover what arch. is needed for this.

Prima facie, yeah 50 to 60 per day seems like a one bot job, but if the transaction takes more than one hour per queue item?

Anyway all things aside @Veselin_Ganchev are you at least a bit clear about what you were looking for?

@Raghavendraprasad Later today I will read more about REF.
If there is a chance to implement this template for this task for sure would be more clear and easy.
After I read more about this I will test it and will see the final result.

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