How to Assign Multiple Robots to a single process which is not using queue?

I wanted to know if multiple robots can work on the same process even if are not working with queues…
for example in my scenario i/m working with ReFramework without queues and my transaction item is a data row and i have 10000 transaction items i wanted to divide among 5 robots
how will i do this without using a queue??

can you let me know the the source of transaction Item ( excel/csv/data extracted from Web UI)

data extracted from a pdf in a tabular format and need to make each of the row as one transaction item

If the same process is used in multiple robot and same PDF is used as input for all bots, then mostly all the bots will start doing the steps/workflow for the same transaction item. Then its better to use Dispatcher(add the transaction item to the queue) and Performer(pick transaction item and process the item)
If you have different PDF for 1000 Transaction items and is locally used by each bot ,then you can use Reframework without queue and you can achieve the results

Let me know if you need any clarification

So I wanted to clarify one thing in real time people when were working with a process without queues what must be the transaction limit and what is the use of assigning multiple bots for the same process when they are not actually working on the process as the same time??
I hope you got my question
I’m curious to know in which scenario we will assign multiple bots for the process in reFramework without queues.
Thanks for your reply.

one more question
if we are working with multiple bots with the same process for example if the input is pdf page
then we have to schedule the process same time with different bots??
please correct me if i’m wrong