☃️ Advent Challenge #1

@AndersJensen Thanks! I used an array with the ASCII symbols of the arrows stored, and in the switch condition I will retrieve them based on the direction from the GET.

@fairymemay these are the packages used


Hi Santa :santa:,

I am here to help you and your reindeer sleigh :deer: in picking up Jingle-Bell :confetti_ball:.
All you need is to give me your key points, I will give you report in few seconds.
Please check out the solution and also final handy printable sheet.

WindSpeedReport.zip (2.7 MB)
WindSpeedReport.pdf (164.1 KB)

Looking forward to help you again.

Olaf - The SantaBOT :snowman_with_snow:


Well, we don’t really need that… that was a part of my master plan that never came to reality. :new_moon_with_face:
Its nice to be part of the family… Happy Holidays ! :partying_face:


Good Luck everyone!
I will be more creative next time :wink:

AdventChallenge1.zip (103.0 KB)


Beginners Advent Challenge #1

Santa is RPA enthusiastic and would like to determine the wind speeds of his key points himself. His programming elves should not help him. An API call is much too simple. An ambitious challenge to automate a web UI robust and reliable. So he automates the UI of his Danish weather forecast. Why Danish :denmark: he asks himself, I come from Finland :finland:. Anyway, here is his attempt.

AdventChallenge1.zip (198.2 KB)

  1. Create a CSV file with the key points.
  2. Load the CSV file.
  3. Open Danish weather forecast in the browser.
  4. Loop over the CSV and read the key points.
  5. Enter the key points into the field of the weather forecast.
  6. Read the results.
  7. Extract the wind speed from the result.
  8. Write the wind speed into the CSV file.


With a tailwind the reindeers need less food or I can eat a little more, he said to himself and smiled. :grinning:


Advanced Advent Challenge #1

Santa orders his shower power programming elf to come. “Hey” he says, “I need the wind speeds of my key points via the API of the Danish weather forecast”. “This is a very simple thing”, the elf replies. With an HTTP request in a loop that processes a CSV file it is quickly realized. No sooner said than done.

AdventChallenge1Advanced.zip (199.3 KB)

Afterwards they sit together at the fireplace and drink Glögg. A call via an API, they think, is much easier to realize than via the UI. No RPA elf (and of course Citizen Developer) should have concerns to use APIs. This can sometimes lead to success faster than trying to automate exclusively via the UI. Satisfied they look at each other and wait for the next advent challenge.


Advanced Advent Challenge #1

AdventChallenge1.zip (5.9 KB)

The Rock is cooking dinner for the people for the holidays!


When suddenly Santa Messaged him that he needs his help to get the wind directions.


The rock was pissed because he is about to taste the food he was Cooking (get it?)
So he raised his eyebrows


Then santa said. Dwayne, remember, you are currently on my good boy list. i dont want to add you to the naughty ones

Then he realized he was dreaming of the WWE Championship Belt and wished for Santa to let him win.

So he hurriedly checked for the wind speed of each country.

finally, since Santa is on a rush, instead of sending an email. He just sent the values of the wind direction via SMS.

image image

Then, smelled that the food he was cooking was burning…

But then suddenly he realized that he was able to help Santa by using UiPath and Using API calls as well as using Twilio to send Santa his requests


The smell of Victory :smiley: ;D ;D ;D


Advanced Advent Challenge #1

Dear Santa,

I hope you’re doing great in this special year !

I had your message asking me to help you in your journey and I in turn asked UiPath for help to:

  1. Get the cities of your journey using UiPath Excel activities


  1. Get cities wind information using UiPath Web activities


  1. Generate your report using UiPath Presentation activities


I noted that the Excel file you sent is well formatted, thank you for that. I fed my elf-bot with, so that he knows for which cities you want wind information from.


After getting information from a Danish website, my elf-bot translated it in English so that you can understand in which side the wind is blowing…

Eventually, you’ll receive a PDF file listing the cities in your journey as well as wind information as requested (note : my elf-bot added local temperature as extra info for you to anticipate your clothing) .


Don’t forget to drop by my house for my gifts :slight_smile:
Have a nice journey !

Advent_challenge_1.zip (334.4 KB)


Excellent !!!


(Advanced Advent Challenge #1)

Dear Santa,

I made it as background process for you who are busy.
You can check information for wind on UiPath Assistant during other automation process keep running.

In addition, it outputs csv files as the following.



AdventChallenge1.zip (3.9 KB)

Have a safe trip!



Beginners Advent Challenge #1 & Advanced Advent Challenge #1 Inside
:evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree:

**Santa’s sleigh had very prone to the wind is not by accident. Its ** Zeus!
, the god of the weather is the reason that happened. Santa forgot to send a gift to Zeus last year so he got angry.image now he is disturbing Santa.

:tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado: :tornado:
Meanwhile, Santa Calling to His assistant Jingle-Bell

Santa: Ho ho ho……… Hay my lady, I cannot make this without having wind speed my sleigh sending wrong data, can you send any coordination and speeds anything

Jingle-Bell: ok Santa will check something about what we can do……

Santa: Hu…rr…y…up…… my lady……, I cannot control this dam vehicle…… hohoohooooo……!

Jingle-Bell: Okok…… I’m doing it ……

Jingle-Bell Sending Location With wind speed data

Jingle-Bell: hello Santa … hows going on now, I have sent the details as an excel file

Santa: Ho ho ho……… tnx honey :kissing_heart: will check on it……

Main - Santa Save Excel .xaml (17.8 KB)

…… Santa Finding his laptop………

Ohhhh……No………. I forgot to bring my laptop honey………

:boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom:

Suddenly Zeus appeared from the sky and laughed at him,

Santa is a very humble guy but this time Santa goes angry too…


He make a call to friend of Anonymus Hacker

Santa: Ho ho ho………

Hacker: Hello Santa…… after a long time, I was loved that you have given me the gift last year ( :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:UiPath On-Prem Full Package With all included :money_mouth_face:). How may I help you?

Santa: Zeus is disturbing me while I’m going to pick up Jingle-Bell, he is changing the wind direction and speed every time and also laughing at me

Hacker: ahh how can he do that thing to you, especially in December?

Santa: Ho ho ho……… that what I have called you son

Hacker: Wait Just give me 10 Minutes I will hack his Weather Dashboard and send let you access it via my UiPath APP Portal

Santa: Ho ho… that’s a nice idea, send me the link I can access it via my sleigh system panel screen. And Onemorethign son I wanna look at how that his dashboard will get the hacking need to watch it through the same APP.

Hacker: Sure Santa, Will send you the details, check your panel after a few minutes

Santa: Ho ho ho ho ha ha hahaha, That was really funny I will send this to my lady also
thank you buddy,
Main - Santa Display .xaml (17.8 KB)
blankprocess19.1.0.12.nupkg (19.7 KB)
UiPath APP :GitHub - manee4422/Uipath-APP-1: Uipath advent-challenge-1

Function: Data Rettriving by Unattended Robot and Sending the Information to UiPath APP and Display via UiPath App With some artificial :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

04da59476c4c889b93e299146b0d68df Ho-Ho-Ho-Merry-Christmas-to-all-animated-gif-sync


AdventChallenge1.zip (10.1 KB)
Seems like santa is still sleepy and lazy so prefers not to say talk much and just do the action. :slight_smile:
A simple workflow with annotations and workflow analyzer used in it.




Here is my contribution.
Using a excel sheet with Cities and pre entered column names for Wind Temperature.
Looping round all cities and parsing the json data returned from teh HTTP Request.
Finally updating the excel sheet again.

I tried to dynamically create a map based on the cities, but failed to enter the data correctly. Tried to use batchgeo.com here.
Sample map by manual entry.
BatchGeo: Make a map from your data
This will be fun! Happy Automation!
SantasTrip.xaml (19.5 KB)


Category: Advanced Advent Challenge #1
:christmas_tree: :santa: :christmas_tree:

So its time to give back. Santa needs help :santa:

Let me remind have I previously helped Santa with something like this…
checking the output file is created and if not creating one, initializing an array to store the cities

Let me just memorize quickly all the translation that might be needed…
Creating a dictionary for translating the Danish directions to English

Asking the source of all information for the details…
Getting the required data using the HTTP activity

Got it all, let me make it simpler for Santa to understand as his age is few years greater than Internet…

translating the direction from Danish to English

Here it is…

So I hope you will not forget my gifts for Christmas : “2 iPhone 12 pro max” :iphone:
also, ping me once you meet jingle bell

Happy journey!!!


Advanced Challenge project file:
*AdventChallenge1.zip (18.3 KB) *


Santa had a rough day in Bangkok and is still busy struggling to get out of Bangkok. Together with his assistant Jingle-Bell he will read through all the great help he got for his wind problem. The decision of this fine jury will be online within 24 hours.

Meanwhile take a look at Advent Challenge #2. If you havn’t solved Challenge 1, no problem. You will participate in the competition as all the others.


Oops I missed this challenge. :unamused:


The party continues with Challenge #2


I have submitted the solution :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Stars has been rewarded :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:


So I did advance:

And result:

So it’s not so windy :wink: