Level 3 Assignment problem (Credentials HELP)

Hello there! i am following the steps for the First assignmet (calculate Hash code)

But as soon as i get to the credential part i get really confused, i am no sure if i need to create a VAR for username,password & credentials, it looks like its working but when i run the program the values
set for “Admin” and i assume “Password” Instead of the email i am providing and my password,i am not sure if i need to call the credentials from Orchestrator or fom the Config file but i am really confused please someone help me out ! I really like this tool and i want to know what i am doing wrong!

If you are doing Assignment No 1. Then you have to store you credentials details in Orchestrator and and specify that credential Name in config file.

i know it sounds dumb but could you explain me the process? I am really trying to understand all of this

Hi @Leonardo_Diaz

I was confused as much as you are when I first got my hand on the credential workflow, so it’s totally normal.

The most confusing part was the fact of having the credentials stored inside the excel sheet which is not logical since you will have a revealed password, so the short answer to this is No, you should not have your credentials inside the excel sheet(I’m saying this because this is what I understood reading the PDD the first time making the process).

So there are two options
1.don’t mention any credentials and you will have a pop up displayed by default where you can write them.

2.Add System1_Credentials in assets in your data excel sheet, but you must pay attention in this case because you must have created a credential asset in orchestrator and your ROBOT MUST BE CONNECTED TO ORCHESTRATOR.

If you are working on Assignment 1 you don’t need to do the second step (even if it is advised in the PDD) because you won’t be working with orchestrator.

But in the second assignment you have to load your data to orchestrator so in this case you will be forced to establish a connection between your machine and orchestrator so you can go ahead and use the second method.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the help mate ! but i dont really get what you mean by adding the assets, i THINK i tried it once and dindt work properly still types Admin instead of the email so… again sorry to bother but could i have a bit more of help?

  • Open orchestrator URL

  • Login with your tenant

  • Go to Asset, Create a new Asset.

  • Name it “System1_Credential”

  • Select Type as “Credential” from dropdown

  • enter the credential.

follow below screen shot.

hope that helps.