Advanced Training Assignment 1 Hashcode

Hi Everyone,

I am going through the Advanced Training assignment and my solution gets all the work items completed. When I submitted it, it got 40/100 because a bit more than half work items had the wrong hash.

I debugged it and it seems that at some point it is too fast that when it calculates the hash, it updates the previous item which was updated and which window is still open. ( I think that’s what’s happening), so the subsequent work items get the incorrect hash.

I was thinking of adding a wait or even refresh the hash page or something, but now I am stuck. Here is my sequence

Yes, you can opt to refresh the page before every hash calculation.

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That was it. I closed the SHA Online every time after it processed an item and I got scored 100/100/
Thank you

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Glad I could help.

I did the same when I was trying to accomplish the assignment. It wasn’t stated in the guideline, but I guess we got to improvise sometimes.

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Can you help me to complete assignment