Calculate Client Security Hash 0/100

Code works locally but I get 0/100 on academy. After academy gives grade. I check the Acme site. Noticed that status/hash code is not set for any items in work items (of type calc hash items). Getting 0 feedback so it is difficult to determine what needs to be corrected in the workflow.

Is there anyone who can help me?
Acme and academy user email are the same.
I reset data prior to submission of assignment.
Followed PDD with exception of sendmail.xaml file.
Verified retry logic. Retries twice based on config file.
Pre hash value looks like: ABC123-Sue Johnson-Italy

I really don’t know what to do. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Hi @Stacy_DeLoach,

this basically happened when your generated hash value change. So please check your generated hash value for one record by using bot and manually if there any change in hash value that means space or character added

Note : when you Scrape some time spaces are added so trim your all strings

Hash is unique every time. I trim client id, client name, and client country before combined and I trim the combined string before the type into command is used to enter the hash into the comments field.

I have ran the bot locally, picked the first record completed by bot, generated the hash manually and verified both.

dont do that…



Dude, why in all heaven did that work?

I thought it meant do not reset while test is pending. I read academy instructions and not acme instructions. I didn’t know that I should run it, THEN submit it. I have been struggling with this for 2 weeks. Thank you so much!!!

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I didn’t read info from acme but from academy. Thank you so very much!

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