Advanced text file data extraction

Dear All,

I am newbie to RPA and UIpath, I have txt file which contains some bank transactions and I want to extract the data through UIpath and export to Excel sheet with headings .It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can assist me on this matter.

The relevant text file can be download from on following link.

Hi !
Would you mind sharing with us the final headers of the wished excel file ?

Thanks for the earliest attention, colums name should be as follows;
Refund (ARN)

@Duleepa_Krishan - I am working on the Regex pattern …

Could you please clarify on the below ?? Does 144 also needs to be captured as part of Tran type??


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Thanks Prasanth, that column is not much relevant well lets add column name as RowNumber

Also Prasanth, pls grab MERCHANT NUMBER as well on top of the columns in excel

@Duleepa_Krishan - Please take a look… (96.0 KB)

Here is the Regex Link - Kindly go through and learn the patterns used. its on the right side corner…

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Thank you very much and I will check and let you know

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@Duleepa_Krishan - Slighly modified workflow…Please take this… (95.9 KB)

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Thank you so much Mr. Prasath ,It works like a charm, I looked your Regex pattern and really need to more focus on Regex a lot I guess. Can you please suggest me some youtube videos or any sites for proper learnings, Once again thanks for the help really appreciated.

@Duleepa_Krishan - Glad it worked…Happy to assist always…

Best video in youtube - From where I learned …and still learning the rest from the forum…

Please take a look at this post for the starter help…


Sure I will once again ,thank Mr. Prasanth for your time and your kindness

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@Duleepa_Krishan - I have improvised the regex with more generalized one…Here is the updated workflow, the previous one does not capture the Refund amt but this one does… (96.5 KB)

For your reference, I have commented the previous Regex matches…

Mr. Prasath, Thank you verymuch.

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