Regex Help - statement extraction

Hi all,

I am trying to extract following bank statement to UIpath data table and I could extract following columns highlighted in red color and stored in to data table called "merchant_Report_db " .

And also required to add a new column which hasto be stored “Merchant Number” ( highlighted in yellow color) to the same DB.

I here attached my UIpath project and your support on this much appreciated.


Hi All,

I am trying to extract merchant statement which is under txt format to UIpath data table using Regex activity. I could extracted some columns highlighted in red color in below image and I stored data in UIpath data table created called “merchant_Reportdb”

However, I also need to get the “Merchant Number” to same data table as a new column.
which is highlighted in yellow color. Further, the extracted merchant number should be copied under new column call “Merchant ID” and it has to be repeat according to the row counts

Ex :

Card Number Merchant ID
455xxxxx4545 2200178
4568xxxx4558 2200178
458xxxxxx1178 2200178

Thanks in advance

Project files