Curios quest

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Hi everyone.
I am new to UiPath. I have been working in NICE before.

I have made a process now in UiPath to solve this. But I feel that it is unnecessary big. And I have made it more difficult than it need to be. If you don´t want to play with it I will not make you. :wink:

But it would be nice to see how you all would have solved it.

Now to the Quest.

I have a Company in a city. “Company ABQ”. This company have a couple of shops, which I have separated firstly as North and South part of town. Then I have separated them with a three digit number “001, 002”.

Every Shop have more than one Cash register (-01,-02 etc.) and now for the last thing. Every Cash register can take money in two ways. Cash and Card. This is the Excel file.

Every day I have a security company that collects the money and counts them. They log them to the bank. Now the bank create a file for each shop and register. 001-01, 001-02 etc. This is the text file.

I get the file the day after.

The process should now read text file and put the correct information in the correct cell in Excel.

The filename of the txt is named as yesterday’s date. This is the row index.

In the file I have each row as “Shop-Register, Cash, Card”. (001-01,100,150)

What to think about is that some days, some Registers haven´t been open and don´t have a row in txt file.

Thaagaard Elofsson