Regex using uipath

Hai I have a scenario were I need to extract the name,email,phone number ,address present in file and write it in excel how to I do that using regex in uipath

Hi @Gayathri_Mk

Please elaborate your issue.
Type of input file and the structure in which the data is present in the file.

Provide some screenshots of the sample input file too.

FYI refer above link for regex functions.

The Basics of Text parsing in RPA | Skcript.

Hey @Gayathri_Mk

It’s not mandatory to use regex it depends on the scenario.

Kindly show us some data on it by sharing the screenshots or the file itself.


Follow below, @Gayathri_Mk

  1. Find static keyword for the fields that you trying to extract

  2. Use the keyword and write an regular expression

Hello @Gayathri_Mk

You can refer to the below doc. You can follow the same steps to retrieve your needed data. You can use regex builder to create your regex expressions.

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Hi @Gayathri_Mk
this is purely based on the format of the data you have in your file.

  1. if your input file always contains the structure data your just use simple string manipulations.
  2. if you have unstructured Data then you may go with extract Email id first using regex and remove it from the whole text, then use regex to get phone number remove it from text and so on…

for your question Regex to get email id and phone number you can use the latest version of UiPath it has these option already inbuilt in Regex Builder activity :

You can validate your regex here: regex101: build, test, and debug regex