Advanced RPA Training UIDemo Walkthrough - Cannot get asset from Orchestrator

Greetings all!

I have started the Module 3 on Advanced RPA Training, and although I get the general idea of working with the REFramework, I’ve encountered some difficulties in making that automation work.

For instance, I have been unable to recover a credential asset I have created in Orchestrator, in a way that a window asking for user input for user and password in UIDemo always pops up (a screenShot is attached to exemplify). As far as I know, that window can only appear when asset recovery from the Orchestrator or a Config file has failed.

I have checked out my Orchestrator settings and whether or not I have correctly created an asset and assigned a robot to it, and it seems fine. I haven’t created a specific process to run the UIDemo automation from Orchestrator, so I am executing the automation from Studio only.

Other than that, the example data (CashIn, OnUsCheck, NotOnUsCheck) seems to be processed fine.

Could you help me figure out why is that happening? I feel completely stuck.

Thank you so much in advance!

Wrong Image above.

The image attached here is the correct one.

Thanks a lot!

@leonardo.leipnitz - Please connect bot with orchestrator then only it will be able to fetch the asset.
Now How do I know that you are not connected to Orchestartor because the screenshot you have attached it has code which will run when bot is not connected to Orchestartor.
How can you connect bot through Orchestartor here is the link.

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Thank you very much for your reply! I will try that as soon as I can.

@leonardo.leipnitz If it turns out that you are connected to orchestrator correctly, the login prompt message can still be thrown if the asset isn’t passed correctly into the GetAppCredential.xaml.

Double check to make sure you’ve not only created the asset correctly in Orchestrator (your screen shot suggests that you have), but also that you’re referencing the asset correctly in your studio code. Best practice you should be storing the credential asset name in your Config file, and then referencing the Config value as one of the input arguments for GetAppCredential.xaml.