Reg RPA advanced developer certificate

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I am about to appear practical test for RPA Advanced developer certificate and wanted to clarify this before appearing.

In test, I know we have to create two flows, one for queue loader and and other for queue processor. Do we have to use RE Framework for queue loader as well? If yes, can we use our own template as the default template provided by Uipath is having Get Transaction item and Process transaction states as well.

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Yes of course we have to use REFramework
Get transaction will act like like we need to get the data from the source from where we want to and while process will load that to queue
I hope we would have practiced the same in level -3

Cheers @Kapil

Thanks @Palaniyappan for your prompt response as always.

Apologies I haven’t done level 3 and was directly doing advanced certification. I guess it would be good to complete level 3 first.

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Yah please go for level 3 first so that it will be a good practice before getting to the rpa developer certification
Even it would have suggested you the same

Cheers @Kapil